March Full Moon: The Worm Moon

The first half of 2019 has been like a hangover from last year’s manic moon energy, with eclipses and supermoons kicking off the first three months. But while last year was punctuated by difficult full moons and a series of major retrogrades, the full moons of 2019 return to a somewhat normal routine.

Still, the new year has brought us plenty of challenging lunations. Full moons of every stripe, whether they be blue, harvest or super, are all about endings. They occur when the moon is opposite the sun on zodiac wheel, thus causing the greatest astrological tension between the two. The moon represents our emotions; the sun our character and will. When those two are at odds, it exposes the weak links in our lives. Full moons urge us to break those links and start fresh in the new lunar cycle. They are ruthless.

The March full moon is yet another supermoon — that’s right, we have three in a row this year. That means that not only is this moon at its fullest point in its lunar cycle, but it’s orbiting as close to the Earth as it gets. As one might expect, that magnifies things a bit.

This one is called the Worm Moon, because it usually coincides with spring, and this year’s Worm Moon actually falls on the same day as the vernal equinox, which marks the sun’s first entry into Aries. Because the moon will peak in Libra, the sign opposite Aries, this moon will raise challenges related to your most committed relationships. Think about any weak spots in your marriage, business partnership or close friendships. They will surface in a way that forces you both to take action — try to get on the same page early.

That may be a tall order, though, since Mercury will be in retrograde and in opposition to this moon. Mercury rules communication and thinking, so we may be especially prone to misunderstandings and re-opening arguments we thought were put away for good. If we didn’t truly resolve the root of an issue the first time around, that’s our homework now.

The March 20th Full Moon occurs on the same day as the Spring Equinox , and it opposes Chiron in Aries, suggesting a painful re-balancing.
Mars in Taurus trine Pluto on this same day adds power, passion and determination to this Moon’s events – movement will be slow but profound as you power forward with a security issue. No matter what this Full Moon exposes, know that external actions will harmonize with deeper resources for solid results. You can make real progress.

Venus (ruler of this Moon) in independent Aquarius squares Mars on March 21st, suggesting that Full Moon issues will also involve a crisis between liberated desires versus controlling actions. What you do to move ahead may be part of what upsets the balance, or you may be confronting possessiveness/obstinacy in others. Jupiter’s sextile to Venus urges continuous expansion into what’s new, as the Venus/Mars crisis is surpassed.

March 24th brings the second of three conjunctions between Mercury and Neptune in Pisces. The first conjunction happened on February 19th, and now as Mercury retrograde joins Neptune once again you’ll be reviewing or questioning a lie/dream/belief. Part of this process is putting it into words, even as other words dissolve.


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