Daily Tarot: Ace of Wands-reversed

The Ace of Wands in reverse may point to feelings of anxiety. If you believe that you are losing control in a certain area of your life, then only you can change that. Goals that you’ve set for yourself have, in your eyes, failed, which is causing a loss of ambition and energy. Failure is a part of life and definitely not a reason to give up. Use experiences from your past to become mentally stronger. An individual may come into your life who will become a close friend and an inspiration.

Similar to its upright partner, the Ace of Wands reversed indicates new beginnings for those who are single. This card might also mean a new human birth. If you’re not prepared for a baby, take every precaution possible. If you have a relationship, remember to think over everything you want to say and to listen closely to the other person. Misunderstandings will happen at this time.

This card in reverse demonstrates some great possibilities at work or for work, but a downside is implied too. For example, perhaps you will find or already have a great job, but the supervisor makes things hard. Or maybe there are some misunderstandings in the workplace which degrade your feelings of value. Avoid making conclusions, if there are difficulties, simply ask.

The Ace of Wands reversed means you need to look around for – then stop – any indulgences. Moderation right now is what is most important. If you go too far with drugs, alcohol or food (or even diet and exercise), you might cause great distress to yourself as well as your health over time. If balance is desired and help is needed, find it. Information exists in droves everywhere.

This card in its reversed state demonstrates a great need for you to look closely at your money. Spend it carefully. It is not a great time for chances with money or for brokers to take over for you. They might not take action to watch out for you. Nothing is for sure, either in gambling or investing, so use caution.

This reversed card demonstrates a deep exhaustion due to everything you do on a day to day basis. Your spirituality has been laid to the wayside. Find time for yourself and allow the spirit to consume universal energies. You will be sustained and you will benefit in more ways than one.


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