Daily Tarot: Queen of Swords

Brains over beauty, the Queen of Swords values intellect above all else. She has no problem telling it like it is, with class and sass. She is direct, witty, honest, and even blunt. Logic rules the land, with the facts being the fairest of them all. She is able to use her discernment and can see past hidden motives easily. She asks that you cut through the noise and gather information that will point you to a clear-cut solution. Detach yourself from your emotions so that you may use your critical eye with impartiality and clarity. The Queen of Swords likes to get straight to the point and uses tact to get there, preferring to connect on an intellectual level. Sensitive souls may receive her bluntness as cold and dub her the “Ice Queen.” It’s not that she doesn’t care, she just wants to be fair.


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