If You Were a Tarot Card, Which One Would You Be?

If I were a tarot card I’d be The Star.

The Star card shows a naked woman kneeling at the edge of a small pool. She holds two containers of water: one in her left hand (the subconscious) and one in her right (the conscious). She pours the water out to nourish the earth and to continue the cycle of fertility, represented by the lush greenery around her. The other container pours the water onto dry land in five rivulets, representing the five senses.

The woman has one foot on the ground, representing her practical abilities and good common sense, and the other foot in the water, representing her intuition and inner resources and listening to her inner voice. She is naked, representing her vulnerability and purity under the vastness of the starry night sky. Behind her shines one large star, representing her core essences, and seven smaller stars, representing the chakras.

As the Star follows the Tower card in the Tarot, it comes as a welcome reprieve after a period of destruction and turmoil. I have endured many challenges and stripped myself bare of any limiting beliefs that have previously held me back. I am realizing my core essence, who I am beneath all the layers. No matter what life throws my way, I know that I am always connected to the Divine and pure loving energy. I hold a new sense of self, a new appreciation for the core of my Being.

The Star brings renewed hope and faith, and a sense that I am truly blessed by the Universe. I am entering a peaceful, loving phase in my life, filled with calm energy, mental stability and more in-depth understanding of both myself and others around me. This is a time of significant personal growth and development as I am now ready to receive the many blessings of the Universe.

With the Star card, anything is possible and the magic is flowing around you. Your heart is full of hope, and your soul is being uplifted to the highest of highs as you realise that your dreams really can come true. Allow yourself to dream, to aspire, to elevate in any way possible so you can reach the stars. They are right here waiting for you.

The Star also suggests a generous spirit. I want to give or share my wealth with others to help transform their lives. Mine is an open heart, and I now want to give back the blessings I have received so that others may benefit.


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