Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto are retrograde.

When the serious Saturn retrogrades, our long-term projects, goals, and desires as well as our relationship to authority figures and responsibilities needs to be examined deeply. Saturn retrograde is a good time to review and renew our lifelong and key commitments, to take a look at how we live life in general, and what we expect to achieve in our lifetime.

Jupiter takes around a mere twelve years to do a complete spin around our beloved Sun. Every single year, Jupiter goes retrograde without fail. This period lasts around 120 days and in this period, it’s a good idea to take a deeper look at our belief systems, visions, ways of relating to life.

Every year, Neptune does go retrograde for around 150 days – five months! Because Neptune is associated with mysticism, spirituality, occult matters, when it goes retrograde our inner life is challenged. We might need to redefine how we connect to the deeper, more psychic and subtle aspects of this universe.

The Pluto retrograde has to do with how we relate to changes, small and big, daily and bigger, as well as wholly life-changing transformations.

The universe is telling us to step back and examine our lives. We should listen.


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